Being Featured

OMG!!! I was featured in yesterday's Etsy Finds!! I really don't know what else to say. It was the first time that I've been featured in an Etsy newsletter, and it's awesome!!

I woke up and checked my Etsy shop yesterday morning and found that the views for my Kid's Leprechaun Ski Beanie went from around 150 to 400 overnight!! I also had 2 "Etsy Order Confirmation" e-mails, one for the adult size, and one for the kid's, and a convo asking me if I'm going to relist the beanie. I was excited, but I hadn't gotten the e-mail yet, so I was also a little confused too. I kept watching and got about 100 more views in the next hour, and with the 3 orders, I knew something was up. Then came the daily Etsy Finds e-mail. Lo and behold, there was my beanie amongst other St. Patty's Day listings!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! By the next morning, my views had risen to over 1,700, 55 hearts, and a total of 4 orders!! It really gave me the boost of confidence I needed since sales had been slow lately. 


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