I didn't do anything for the spookiest holiday last year so I wanted to start early this year. My husband's already talking about 80's punks & mohawks while I'm thinking of going Madonna-Like-a-Virgin style. You remember in the 80's when she was cooler than Lady Gaga is now? (Sorry Gaga fans, but I the 80's!).

Through all my decoration scheming and costume planning I had my Etsy shop in mind. I wanted to make some Halloween hats that were cool enough to fit the rest of my shop (that's right, I said my shop was cool). The design process led me to modify two of the designs I already have listed in my shop to create some of the awesomest (it's a word...) Halloween hats on the block! So take a look!

I took my Avalanche Beanie and turned it into this Spiderweb Halloween hat. I can make it in ANY size and change the colors to whatever YOU want.

For this Candy Corn Hat I used my Woodland Hat without the earflaps. It's a simple hat, but it's yummy!

Celebrate Halloween with me for the whole month of October!! And let me know what size your melon is so I can get started making you a custom Playin' Hooky design.


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