Put it to a Vote!

I make hats. I make lots of hats. Sometimes I get in hat-land and can't get out (which I have to say I don't always mind!). But I was having trouble thinking of hat to make with my Koi Pond yarn so I asked you. I got some FANTASTIC suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise! So now there're too many good ideas to choose from and I wanted to put it to a vote. Let you help me decide. I already know which one I like best, but I want to see what your favorite is! PLEASE vote & tell all your friends that they can tell a hooker what to do!
Cast your vote by leaving a comment below! Thank you!!


  1. Since I'm not the 'cowl' type I think either the backpack or the amigrumi fish would be cool. Can't wait to see it no matter what you make :)

  2. OOOH! I love the arm warmers. arm warmers are my best friend in winter :)

  3. I vote Fishy!! to cute!


  4. Armwarmers with fish closures:D.

  5. I finished the last strawberry hat of this batch so I'm letting myself take a break by making what YOU chose!

    I gathered votes from my blog, twitter, facebook, and my Etsy team and it was CLOSE!!

    4th place - 2 votes - arm warmers
    2nd place - 3 votes each - backpack & fish
    1st place - 4 votes - COWL!!

    I'll make the cowl with the Koi Pond yarn and I've already got another idea for a colorway that would be perfect for he backpack!! I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done!