Lots to do

Well, I'm a little perplexed. When I got the e-mail from my wholesale buyer I contacted her right away and I still haven't heard back from her. That was on Dec 19th) I figured that she was busy with the Holidays and expected to get another e-mail yesterday (the 1st business day after Christmas). It's my first big order with her and we're trying to work out the best way to transfer payment so you can see why I'm a little anxious. I can't start on any of the hats until I get the deposit b/c I can't buy the yarn out of pocket right now. So I hope she gets back to me soon!!
I also have three pairs of wrist warmers I need to list in my Etsy Shop but I have to enlist my husband to help me. I like to to have clean, professional looking photography for my shop, but I'm having trouble. It's hard to take a picture of yourself in wrist warmers when you are the one snapping the shutter and being the model. The last time I tried, I had to use the camera timer, tilt the camera up with a matchbox, and find the right spot against the wall - all while trying to show off the wrist warmers in their full glory. This time around, I'm making my husband snap the photos!

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