Free Leprechaun Buckle Graph

This graph is free. You don't have to pay for it to use it. But if you like having a watermark-free PDF to save, print, and add to your Ravelry library, you can use the button above to download the pattern for $0.99.

Just in time for Paddy's Day (or Thanksgiving or Christmas - depending on what colors you use).

It's true, there are no st counts on this graph. So you might be wondering "How does she expect me to make a hat out of graph paper?" If you've never used colorwork like this you might be a little lost. I've got you covered. All the specific pattern instructions and tutorials are in my Graph Beanie pattern. And score, you get to pick another free graph with it too.

So here it is... the thing you came for. Use the Pin it button so you'll never lose it.

I'll give this one tip: Start working the yellow buckle on a RS row. If that went over your head, that means you probably don't have the Graph Beanie Pattern. If you have specific questions and don't have the pattern... go get it home skillet! That's what it's there for. Tutorials, st counts, and all the other bells and whistles that come with a full pattern. It will answer your questions, trust me. Unless your question is "How many chromosomes does a cow have?", that's not in there.

play hard ... play hooky

(And to save you some Googling ... a cow has 60 chromosomes. You're welcome)

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